"Pokrovsky Nights"

October 11 at 17.00 in the student theater "Transition" RSU behalf of SA Esenina (Kasimovskoye highway, 25) cellular competition readers of spiritual poetry and prose, "Pokrovsky evening, devoted to the holiday of the Holy Virgin and the 115 th anniversary SAEsenin.

The contest is held in four categories:

I. "Best Reader" (valued product line religious and philosophical topics, skill execution).

II. "The best work of authorship" (estimated professionalism versification, substantial levels of work, skill and sincerity of execution).

III. "The best reading of the poem by C. A. Esenina"

IV. "Best Performer" (Audience Award). Applications for participation must be submitted before October 8, 2010 in the Eurovision Song Contest. Contact phone: 89109013027 (Mitroshina Natalya), 89623929475; e-mail: filolog2208@rambler.ru (Kvartnikov Paul).