Our Students in China

Students of Confucius Institute, Institute of Foreign Languages , History and International Development Faculty and young businessmen studied the Chinese language and culture in our partner university situated in Changchun city (China) from July to August 2011.

All the participants were satisfied with the organisation and the content of the courses in China and many of them expressed the wish to prolong the term of the courses.

The courses were organized by Confucius Institute of Ryazan State University named for S. Yesenin with the assistance of Department of International Development of Ryazan State University; Institute of International Education of Changchun University and with financial assistance of Confucius Office of Prime Responsibility (Hanban) in Beijing.

The courses were held on the basis of Institute of International Education of Changchun University. All the participants were divided in groups according to the level of the Chinese language ability after a diagnostic test. All student were supplied with necessary teaching materials and noted the high level of skills among the Chinese teachers. The second half of the day was dedicated to cultural activities including wishu training, calligraphy, Chinese cuisune, visiting Jilin province Museum, Sculpture park, Literature temple, Lunar Lake Park, Southern Lake Park, Film studio, The Palace of the Last Emperor etc. At the end of the courses the participants got certificates.

Such courses are being held for the second time and we plan holding an annual course in Changchun city for all the  residents learning Chinese. Students of Confucius Institute have a privilege and favourable terms of participation.