Changchun University Delegation

On the 7-9th of October a delegation from China lead by Rector of Changchun University Pan Fulin payed an official visit to Ryazan State University.

The most important event of the visit was the 2nd meeting of Confucius Institute Administration of Ryazan State Univestity. Rector of Changchun University highly estimated the work of all the emplyoees of Confucius Institute, the Institute of Foreign Languages, the Department of International Development, heads of different divisions of the university working on the projects of Ryazan State University Confucius Institute and having sufficient results of their work in such a short time. Pan Fulin especially emphasized the increase in the number of people learning the Chinese language and culture, the equipment and the decoration of the classrooms.

The meeting was held on an extended scale: apart from I. Sheina, Rector of Ryazan State University, Rector of the Chinese partner-university and regular administration members the meeting was attended by Pro-rectors A. Eltsov and Yu. Losev, new members of the administration I. Idilova and E. Maryanovskaya.

On account of the visit and Confucius Institute opening anniversary the cosy auditorium of 'Perehod' theatre hosted the festive concert, among the participants of which there were the students of the Institute of Foreign Languages and of Confucius Institute, schoolchinlder and their parents learning Chinese. The concert will be remembered by songs in Chinese, Chinese national dances, tea ceremony and other items of Chinese culture.

In view of the results of the visit the Chinese Party promised support for cultural, linguistic and academic projects of Ryazan State University Confucius Institute. Moreover the parties agreed upon the strengthening of academic mobility of leading specialists and students.