The 3rd International Scientific Conference

On the 6th of October Ryazan State University hosted plenary session for the 3rd International Scientific Conference titled 'Pedagogics and Psychology as Modern Society Development Tool '.

Among the most essential questions was the importance of character and individual features acknowledgement in the modern world.The topicality of of psychological, medical and pegagogical problems was also emphasized.

The word of welcome was said by Pro-rector for Research Y. Losev, Director of the Institute of Social Psychology and Social Work, professor L. Baikova.

Rector of theuniversity I. Sheina and President A. Liferov gave their word of welcome 'in absentio'.


The speakers — honoured teachers, candidates of pedagogical and medical schiences — presented a number of relevant and vital problems for discussion.


 Associate professor of Social Psychology and Social Work Chair of Ryazan State University A. Zaharova drew the attention of the auditory to the current state and the perspectives of development of minimal social standards in the region. The problem of young rural specialists' flow-out was pointed out among the others.






Candidate of medical science A. Shumova accentuated the intergration of psychological and medical approaches in healty life-style formation among the youth.





Project method was in the centre of attention of Deputy Director for Academic Affairs in Gymnasium №2, honoured teacher S. Frolova. Her speech was devoted to the formation of universal learning skills in primary scholl and to project and research affairs.









Of great interest was the speech pefrormed by V. Yukin — coach, psychologist and educational specialist of the Special Youth Spot School of the Olympic Reserve.The speech was devoted to the role of ideomotor drill during training. The speaker stated that auto-training and conscious analysis of the accuracy of execise fulfillment add sufficiently to the effectiveness of training. According to V. Yukin's opinion, the method of ideomotor training can be applied succesfully in everyday life.



After the plenary session all the participants were divided into 6 groups:

  • Relevant problems and moderniazation of general and professional education;

  • Psychology of health: mental, psychological and physical health;

  • Personality and speech in modern research;

  • Relevant problems of special education;

  • Psyco-social work with people: theory and practice;

  • Sport psychology.

Furthermore the participants were offered an extensive cultural programme: excursions to Ryazan State University museum, Ryazan Kremlin, Konstantinovo village.On the 8th of October the particiapnts of the conference go on excursion to Saint John of God monastery in Poshyupovo village.

The work of sections and round-table discussions will go on up to the 7th of October.