The 26th World Summer Student Games

The 26th World Summer Student Games took place from the 12th to the 23rd of August in Chinese Shenzhen city. ('World Student Sport Competition')

Klochkova Margarita, 4th year student of the Institute of Foreign Languages, participated in the Games as a volunteer. She passed the prior selection on May, 2011 and became a member of Russian delegation — 30 volunteers directed to work on the Games. Conditions of participation were: good command of English, conversational Chinese and volunteer experience.

All the 30 volunteers worked as attaches for the Russian national team and each of them supervised a particular kind of sport, for example Margarita worked with the Russian badminton team.

In 2013 the 27th World Summer Student Games will be held in Kazan and will need a great number of volunteers. All people wishing may try their hand at it!