The 10th International Pokrovsky Readings

On the 19th of October Ryazan State University named for S. Esenin gave the festive start to the 10th International Educational Pokrovsky Readings 'Philosophic, Pedagogical and Religious Basis for Education Development from the Historical and Modern Perspectives'

The readings traditionally started with a public prayer performed by Metropolitan of Ryazan and Mikhailov Pavel.


Rector I. Sheina pronounced the opening address, thanked all the guests, especially those who came from a dictance. 'We are very glad to see that we have like-minded people all around the country and abroad; people who care for spiritual and moral basis for education and upbringing in the modern world.'


In his welcoming speech Metropolitan of Ryazan and Mikhailov Pavel spoke about struggling sectarianism and youth protection from spiritual occupation. In the end he thanked the administration of the university for the constant attention towards the Chair of Theology and the help in its development. 'I believe, that Ryazan State University will henceforth prepare not only qualified specialists, but wise patriots of Russia.'


After the performance of St. Paraskeva Friday Chorus of Ryazan Regional Philarmonic Hall the participants of the Readings were greeted by the Chairsperson of The Committee for Matters Concerning Young Persons E.Bunyashina.


Then Professor V. Belyaeva, Head of Academic Centre of Spiritual and Moral Culture and Upbringing introduced the participants of the Readings.

The word was given to the folloving speakers: V. Slobodchikov, Corresponding Member of RAC, doctor of psychological science, professor, Director of RAC Institute of Infant Education; Priest D. Konyuhov, Director of Orthodox Educational Centre named for St. Nicholas (Moscow); V. Sidorchuck, associate professor of Ryazan Airborne College named for V. Margelov; Father Superior Luka, Holder of Theological Chair of RSU; Archpriest Igor Perekup of Estonian Orthodox Chirch of Moscow Patriarchy.




The opening ceremony of the 10th International Pokrovsky Readings ended with a one-woman show. L. Lisyukova, Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation, actor of Smolensk State Drama Theather performed the show 'No one else could give me so much happiness' based on the reminiscences and letters of A. Dostoyevskaya.