Ryazan Confucius Institute

Confucius Institute at Ryazan State University was formed under the agreement with Confucius Institute Headquarters (China) signed by I. Sheina, rector of Ryazan State University named for S.Yesenin, March 23, 2010 in the presence of A.D. Zhukov, deputy prime-miniser of Russia. The official Opening ceremony took place September 20, 2010. Minister of Education of the Ryazan region N.K. Bushkova and Head of Department of Education of Jilin province Lu Lianda took part in the ceremony. 

Address: 390000 Ryazan Svobodi str. 46 office 103(a) (4 floor)
Phone.   +7 4912 460708 доб. 2283
             +7 4912 280584
Fax +7 4912 280584>
Director: Sulitsa Oleg
Co-director: Shan Nina
Manager: Subbotina Anna
Ryazan Confucius Institute goals:
- develop educational, cultural, economic relationship of the Ryazan region with China
- raise the quality of Ryazan State University education by developing scientific projects with scientists and scholars from the Chinese universities
- attract attention of the local population to the Chinese language and culture
- conduct research in the field of Chinese language teaching methods
Ryazan Confucius Institute services:
- Chinese language courses (bilingual certificate)
- Chinese culture seminars, lectures, shows (every month, free of charge)
- translation and interpretation services
- training future teachers of English and Chinese, interpreters from English and Chinese (4-5 year cours) (through the Institute of foreign languages)
- any kind of consultations dealing with China
- scientific research in the field of the Chinese language teaching methods (together with the specialists of the Institute of foreign languages and Changchun University)
- short-term and long-term Chinese language courses in China
Chinese language and culture club:
Chinese culture club blog http://vkontakte.ru/club19842948
Confucius Institute International www.hanban.org
Chinese Culture web www.chinese.cn
Ryazan Confucius Institute structure:
Confucius Institute president, Ryazan State University rector, professor I. Sheina
Confucius Institute co-president, Changchun State University rector, professor Pan Fulin
Kolker Jacob, Ryazan State University Institute of Foreign languages director
Wang Jinlin, Director of Institute of international education at Changchun University
Sulitsa Oleg, Head of department of international development at Ryazan State University
Shan Nina, teacher of Russian at Changchun University
Molchanova Liliya,  Head of deparment of oriental languages
Ryazan Confucius Institute director - Sulitsa Oleg
Ryazan Confucius Institute co-director - Shan Nina
Manager: Subbotina Anna
Teachers: Huong Jian, Tung Lijun, Shan Nina, Anna Subbotina, Zhenja Kazakova, Lena Shirokova