Cultural activities

The cost of food in Ryazan varies from 150 rubles to 500 rubles a day (the university canteen or café)

The entrance fee at museums, clubs and theatres of Ryazan is no more than 200 rubles.

RSUis responsible for international students' safety and well-being, it provides a wide range of learning opportunities to meet the students’ academic and cultural interests and needs. All the buildings of the University are well-equipped (Internet, wi-fi zones).

The Orientation upon arrivalincludes behavioral expectations (rules) and regulations, counseling, resources available. On the first day, international students are met by staff members of the Department of International Development, Dean of Russian language and Culture faculty, teachers, coordinators or a Support Person for International Students. Students are shown the University and its facilities.  A coordinator and a Support Person help students with daily routines, timetables, monthly leisure,cultural activities, extra services offered by RSU (trips to Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc.). They also ensure that the students know where to do shopping, to find a snack bar (or a canteen), toilets, how to get to the hostel quickly and safely.

Contact information in the event of an emergency, physical or emotional, and the programme needs:

Department of International Development – phone / fax: +7(4912) 280584

Police – 02; mobile – 012


390000  Russia  Ryazan, Svoboda, 46, office 103