The university can provide accommodation: double, single, 3 people rooms,with Internet. Shower and kitchen are always shared by 2-3 people. The University hostels are about 20 minutes away from the main campus, so you will definitely need to use public transport. The hostels are well guarded. The hostel closes 11 p.m. Many foreign specialists and students from different countries have lived in Ryazan University hostels. Though there were some complains, in general everybody has found it quite suitable for living and studies. University Administration is working at improving conditions at the university hostels.

The cost of living in a hostel is 33$ per month.

Student Support

Department of International Development provides international students with information on banking, local travel systems, and familiarization with registration laws in Russia, public rules and regulations, Russian culture and education system. The department and the guidance team monitor the students and their progress through informal and formal meetings. At the end of the course international students write reports on their academic achievements and emotional condition.

Code of Conduct for international students

  • Take responsibility for the state of University hostel furniture and equipment.
  • Keep the hostel rooms, kitchen utensils clean and tidy.
  • Keep your voice soft to avoid disturbing others when talking inside the hostel.
  • Cameras and other expensive items brought to classes or any other places are at your own risk.  The university takes no responsibility for your personal property.
  • Don’t smoke inside the Hostel and University buildings.
  • Don’t use any electronic appliances in the hostel room.
  • Don’t take walks late at night.
  • Don’t be late for classes.
  • Return to the hostel in time (by 11 p.m.).
  • Act according to the rules accepted in the hostel, at the University.
  • Use the map of Ryazan, travel in groups to feel safe.
  • Be polite in public places.
  • Follow the public transport traffic rules.