About the University

State educational institution of higher education "Ryazan State University SAEsenin.

Address: 390000, Ryazan, ul. Liberty, 46.

Phone: 8 (4912) 28-14-35 (reception rector of RGU Name SAEsenin), 8 (4912) 27-28-68 (reception RSU president named SAEsenin), 8 (4912) 28 - 03-89 (General Division). Fax: 8 (4912) 28-14-35.

E-mail: info@rsu.edu.ru Web: www.rsu.edu.ru

Reference phone RSU behalf SA Esenina

Ryazan State University named after S. Esenina - the leading institution of higher education in the Ryazan region. It is also the oldest university of the Ryazan region, which is the legal successor of the first Russian women's Teachers' Institute, founded in December 1915. Among his teachers were graduates of European and metropolitan high schools, taught at the universities of St. Petersburg, Moscow and abroad: LN Zapolskaya, DD Solodovnikov VI Selivanov, Vladimir E. Robinson, NM Shansky, RA Friedman, VI Kuryshev, VP Nuts, etc.

During its existence the University has produced more than 72,000 specialists in various fields who work in many regions of Russia and other countries. In behalf of the RSU, SA Esenina studied LV Tcherepnin (national history), AV Peryshkin (physics), AG Kuzmin (Old Russian chronicles), a member of the Holy Synod, Metropolitan B. Rotov (Nicodemus), artists, NI Bogolyubov and SA Tsenin, poet, EF Markin, athletes Z. Kuritsyna, M. Govorova, Ilyin, I. Simagina. More than 80% of the teachers of the Ryazan region - RSU graduates. In 1995 and 1996 graduate of University Teachers ZV Klimentovskaya and EA Filippova won the contest "Teacher of the Year of Russia".

Education at the University is over 22 areas and 45 specialties. Now RSU behalf SA Esenina - more than 11,000 students from all forms of education (of which about 5,000 ochnikov) who receive education at 2 institutes and 8 faculties.

The Institute of Continuing Education implemented additional professional training programs for professionals and programs of additional jobs for university students to enhance professional knowledge, improving business skills, training on new job functions.

University complex comprises 9 academic buildings, 8 of which are located in the heart of the city of Ryazan. On the territory of the main building are also a fitness center, biological research station and the Temple of the Holy Virgin and the Holy Martyr Tatiana. Nonresident full-time students are accommodated in four buildings dorms. In Meshersky region - conservation area of the Ryazan region - is a fitness base is the University "Glade".

In behalf of the RSU, SA Esenina supported by modern information educational environment for student-oriented path of education, access to all necessary information for quality learning, to maximize opportunities for effective learning. Computer University Park consists of more than 900 machines, which are incorporated into a single local area network that connects all the body of the university. In educational buildings and dormitories operates 31 computer class.

Currently, the RSU behalf of SA Esenina in 1953 the department. Teaching staff numbers 513 people, including members of international and Russian academies, 94 doctors and professors, 338 PhDs and professors. At the university there are 3 research institutes, 11 centers and 17 research laboratories of natural-mathematical and humanities orientation.

Fellowship at the University operates 30 destinations: differential equations, geometry and topology, physical electronics, engineering physics experiment physics of devices, the automation of physical research, zoology, elements and devices of friction and control systems, universal history (corresponding period), general linguistics, sociolinguistics , psycholinguistics, theory and methodology of training (in fields of science), the Russian language, English language, educational psychology, historiography, source and methods of historical research, economic, social and political geography, national history, human and animal physiology, the Russian language, etc.

Since 1999, the Dissertation Council in the field: "General Pedagogy", "Theory and Methods of Teaching Physics."

The university is a founder of 7 scientific journals and publishes the newspaper "Ryazan University. In the RMT has 4 of the museum and student theater "Transition", which was awarded the title of the People.

RSU collaborates with the business community in the region in various areas: environment and natural resources, information technology, physical electronics, economics and finance, chemical synthesis, sociology, intercultural communication, public relations. In connection with Russia's accession to the Bologna process at the university planned a transition to two-tier education system while preserving the best traditions of Russian higher educational schools and organic entry into the world educational space.

RSU behalf SA Esenina include the National Research and Educational Innovation and Technology Consortium of Universities of service. The main purpose of the Consortium is a radical improvement of the quality of training for a large, dynamic service sector through the coordination of training activities for the scope of service in different regions of the country and using the principles of self-regulatory organizations.